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About Me

My name is Simone Stolton. I am fully trained and qualified to teach the MBLC (Mindfulness Based Living Course & the CBLC (Compassion Based Living Course) as developed by The Mindfulness Association – with whom I trained. It is one of the Uk’s leading Mindfulness training organisations.

I have been studying, growing and cultivating my mindfulness practice within this organisation over a number of years. I partake in regular CPD and adhere to the UK Network for Mindfulness Based Teachers Good Practice Guidelines. Now known as BAMBA ( British Association for Mindfulness Based Approaches.)
I have also completed mindfulness teacher training with Shamash Alidina well known author of ‘Mindfulness for Dummies.
I am fully trained and insured with The British Wheel of Yoga to teach Mindfulness Yoga – a gentle combination of embodied mindfulness practice & Yoga asana.
 I have completed Professional Positive Neuroplasticity Training with Rick Hanson. (Author of Buddhas Brain, Hardwiring Happiness & Resilience) Learning to work with the mind more skilfully to embed positive experiences into the  physical structure of the brain to enhance well- being.
I have experience of teaching mindfulness & yoga to adults & children in schools, businesses, as well as individuals on a one to one basis, and within Kent Adult Education Service.
I enjoy using poetry as a portal into presence and will often use it on retreat days and within mindfulness courses.
I have been married for 32 years, have 3 grown up children – and have a passion for sharing what I have learnt on my own journey – that we can all learn to be more present, more connected to ourselves & others – we can learn the skills of slowing down, tuning in and responding with kindness to life’s inevitable ups & downs.
I love dancing – wild swimming – wildlife gardening . I am passionate about the environment and how mindfulness can help us to reconnect more deeply with our earth.