Mindfulness Based Living Course

An 8 week immersion into mindfulness & compassion for self & others.

This popular and structured course designed by the Mindfulness Association is a weekly two hour deep dive into the practices of mindfulness & compassion. It teaches participants the skills of developing awareness, flexibility of attention, & slowly helps to develop insight. The course helps us to respond with kindness to our own and others everyday challenges. Rather than our usual habitual & reactive patterns.

Cultivating, “response” – “ability” How we meet the world both internally & externally.
The course is a supportive & inclusive space in which to cultivate mindfulness & compassion practices – with the support and guidance of an experienced teacher.
The course includes a manual, audio recordings & a retreat day.
The course is offered on a rolling basis throughout the year and can be delivered one to one, in small groups, & within organisations.

Please contact me for next course dates.


Compassion Based Living Course

The Compassion Based Living Course developed by the Mindfulness Association is a gentle progressive exploration into the subject of Compassion & Self-Compassion, and the blocks & resistances that can limit and restrict its cultivation within us.

Drawing from Buddhist psychology, neuroscience & evolutionary psychology, the course unfolds gently over 8 weeks to support us in the process of developing our innate ability for compassion.  Practicing compassion & self-compassion can enhance our wellbeing on many different levels & help us to develop resilience in the face of life’s challenges & difficulties.

This course is suitable for those with previous mindfulness training.

“Nourishing yourself in a way that helps you blossom in the direction you want to go is attainable, and you are worth the effort.” ​
Deborah Day
​Please contact me for course details

Taking in The Good Course

Planting flowers, pulling weeds

This course is aimed at those with mindfulness experience.

Based on the work of Dr Rick Hanson, psychologist & New York Times best selling author. The Taking in The Good Course aims to offer a short, fun, exploratory training in self directed Positive Neuroplasticity.

Positive Neuroplasticity training is learning how to change to patterning of the of brain ( neural structure) which is most often geared towards the negative – by using beneficial experiences allowing them to be absorbed in a very embodied way – using the HEAL technique as described in his book – Hardwiring Happiness.
Quite often we can feel as if we are “running on empty”, – this course is a way to learn an embodied approach to filling yourself up – literally – Taking in the Good.
In this way, we can slowly over time develop more healing inner resources – such as resilience, gratitude, happiness & self compassion.

This course is not meant as a substitute for psychological therapy – but rather a fun exploration of the possibilities of this work.
Please contact me for next course dates.


Throughout the year I run various retreats with different themes. Previous retreats days have included: Mindfulness for Women, The Art of Slow, Mindfulness & The Dance. Mindfulness for Cancer Sufferers.

I can structure a retreat day for small groups or businesses.

Contact me for details of the next upcoming retreat day.

“Thank you so much for the fantastic session on Sunday. We loved it. It was perfect – professional, kind, informative – relaxing & thought provoking.”

​Breast Friends Cancer Support group​

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