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Retreats & Workshops

Spring Comes Calling – A Morning of Qigong & Mindfulness

Sat 16th March 10 -1pm at Canterbury Yoga, Highfield House, Harbledown Canterbury.

The sap is beginning to rise, and nature starts to stir from the darkness of the winter months. A time for rebirth and new beginnings. Pushing gently upwards and towards the warmth of the sun. In Traditional Chinese Medicine Spring is associated with the wood element, and the organs of the Liver and Gall Bladder.

During this morning workshop we’ll be practising some gentle Qigong related to the season of Spring, and the wood element. Learning from the wisdom of trees (wood) to be deeply rooted, grounded and resilient – and yet have flexibility, strength and creativity, as we move forward into this season of growth & expansion.

We’ll be exploring our intentions and aspirations for the year ahead, with reflective mindful journaling & practicing Daoist medical Qigong 5 organs cleansing meditation & mindfulness.

Fee for the morning is £25 and booking is online through the booking link below OR by emailing or by calling 07784 304843