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They seem like they are everywhere at the moment. On this retreat day we will be exploring the subject of ‘Detoxifying’ How can we learn to become more aware of the toxic thoughts that we may have that cause us distress? That limit our self-belief. That drag us back into the past with regret or into the future with fear?

We will take a step back, and notice the quality of our thoughts – and how we can begin to learn to relate to them from a wiser place – not allowing them to govern our actions or limit or potential. Using mindfulness meditation, journaling, and more, we will explore how to release ourself from the current of their tyranny and detoxify the mind!

Equally – our body can also become a breeding ground for toxins to flourish – impacting our energy levels, immunity and wellbeing. So we will also be exploring how to safely detoxify the physical body with a talk from functional therapist Jackie Swift from The Limes Clinic, on how to safely detoxify the body.

The day includes a healthy nutritious lunch from the lovely ‘Wasted Kitchen’ at Monks Hill Farm Refectory Faversham.

  • When: Sunday 6th February 2022
    10.30am – 4pm
  • Where: Monks Hill Farm, Faversham, Kent.
  • Fee: £80 Includes lunch

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