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Retreats & Workshops

The Art Of Doing Less

September 1st at Loyterton Sanctuary, Loyterton Farmhouse, Kent, ME9 OHW ( Between Faversham & Sittingbourne.

Do you feel like there is no space in your life to breath? Like you are on a hamster wheel of never-ending chores and the next thing to get done? Your mind as scattered as your sock draw?

We receive countless subtle and not so subtle messages everyday telling us to ‘be productive. That every moment not spent productively is wasted. No wonder we are stuck in overdrive. Like a dog trying to catch its own tail.
But what if there is a different way to approach our myriad responsibilities?

Mindfulness can help us tap into a different space. A space that brings us home to ourselves by developing the capacity for mindful awareness – we can begin to change the habits of heart and mind that keep us driven. We can begin to challenge our own narrative and begin to make shifts and changes that will help resource us with the skills to navigate life’s up and downs.

This day retreat at the beautiful Loyterton Farmhouse Sanctuary between Faversham & Sittingbourne is surrounded by beautiful Kent countryside and will give you the time & space to reflect on approaching life from a different perspective.

Including mindful journaling, meditation, & mindful Qigong practice. Also deep relaxation, group sharing and dialogue to help bring clarity and wisdom into your life. With the optional choice of a massage at an additional cost.