Sati Yoga

Mindfulness Yoga – Breath * Feel * Relax

Mindfulness Yoga is another path in which to practice mindfulness – less formally. By simply noticing & withdrawing attention from a busy mind – and gently easing into the present moment, through the body. cultivating a sense of embodied presence – a space in which to get to know and connect with yourself on a deeper, kinder, non-judgmental level.

Within my classes I gently help to facilitate this awareness of body, mind & breath – whilst holding the space for self-exploration through mindfulness & self-compassion practices.

My classes are a space in which to unfold into the present moment – embracing with kindness whatever you discover there. Allowing you to “come home” to yourself.

I am influenced and inspired by Italian teacher Vanda Scaravelli’s gentle approach to yoga – working with gravity, release of the spine, and the breath.

A formal period of sitting or lying down meditation are an integral part of the class – as is deep relaxation.

I run regular classes in Canterbury &  Faversham.

“If you are kind to your body, it will respond in incredible ways”

“Yoga is an effortless dance between breath & gravity”

Vanda Scaravelli

Sati Yoga classes timetable

During the Coronavirus Pandemic all classes will be delivered by Zoom – please contact me for further details

Highfield Yoga Studio, Summer Hill, Harbledown – 8pm to 9.15pm.

A mixed ability, gentle evening wind down, stress relieving class ​– to get you ready for a good nights sleep!

The Alexander Centre, Preston Street, Faversham. 10am to 11.15.

A gently invigorating & grounding class to set you up for the rest of the week!

The Alexander Centre, Preston Street, Faversham. 10am to 11.30am. A slightly stronger morning class, easing you into the weekend.

FEES: £8 per session – paid by the term
Drop-in: £10 per session – if space

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